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10 Must-Watch Indian Movies that Will Inspire You to Get out and Travel!

Posted by Priyanka Lahiri on May 30, 2016

Movies are our windows to the realm of fantasy, and for about 90 minutes we are transported into another world of make believe characters and sort of share their lives with them.

While watching movies we often come across awe inspiring scenes of nature and death defying acts at dizzying heights. Yes, we suspend disbelief when we watch them, but what if we told you, for once, you can be the lead character in your own real life adventure movie?

On most weekends that you kick back, put your feet up on the coffee table and endlessly Netflix & Chill, you could actually be at one of these awesome spots yourself, unwinding in the lap of nature or losing yourself in an unexpected adventure, while meeting new, interesting varieties of people!

Here’s our handpicked list of movies that are bound to give you some serious wanderlust!

1) Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi:

A 2013 Malayalam Movie inspired by The Motorcycle Diaries depicting the adventures of Che Guevara in South America. This is a story of two young men in Kerala who decide to embark on a ‘never to return’ bike trip to Nagaland. They traverse over land passing through Bangalore, Vizag and Orissa, even attending Puri’s famous Surf & Music Festival enroute. Dodging murder attempts by an unidentified truck, they manage to reach North East India via Kolkata where they encounter more adventure. They finally reach Nagaland where one of them meets the love of his life. This free spirited movie has much to teach us about the true meaning of wanderlust and what it actually means to uproot oneself and go in search of adventure.

2) Aranyer Din Ratri:

Aranyer Din Ratri

Aranyer Din Ratri Poster

 A 1970 Satyajit Ray Bengali movie that tell the story of four friends itching to escape the daily grind of their city, Calcutta. They set off into the Jungles of Bihar, towards the tribal hamlet of Palamau. Their jungle sojourn involves meeting interesting and beautiful tribal women as well as getting deeper insights into their own spirits. The portrayal of rural jungles in Bihar by Satyajit Ray in this adventure drama classic will make you want to set off on your own little jungle adventure, to both test your limits and find yourself.

3) Sairat:

A love story set in Maharashtra that follows the daughter of a political kingpin and a college cricket captain. The movie addresses caste differences that still permeate our society, while beautifully capturing rural Maharashtra, like never before. With magnificent sunsets, flocks of seagulls and sugarcane fields, the movie captures landscapes in the villages of Karmala and Bittergaon of Maharshtra. If you are anyone living in a bustling metro city in India, this movie will have you yearning the simple life that the majority of our village folk have.


4) Chennai Express:

The movie follows the adventures of Meena, a Tamilian girl and Rahul, a Mumbai boy. Chock-a-bloc with the typical Bollywood masala and songs, the movie follows them from Mumbai to Rameshwaram and Vidhamba, a village in Tamil Nadu. Several scenes were shot in stunning Munnar, a hill station in Kerala, at Devikulam Lake, Meesapulimala, Wagavara and Kannimala. The movie also has scenes shot in North Goa and Dudhsagar Falls, while Ooty scenes were reconstructed at Panchganiitself! This thorough entertainer is just the dose of fun and excitement that we need to remind us ofthe humour in our daily lives, and the joys and misadventures that train journeys bring with them.


5) Kanchenjungha:

Kanchenjunga by Satyajit Ray

A 1962 Satyajit Ray Bengali production about a family on vacation in Darjeeling in West Bengal. Darjeeling is a popular hill station destination for families and couples alike, with the main attraction being the towering Mount Kanchenjunga just by its side. This family drama at this holiday spot in the backdrop of the Himalayan range, coupled with flourishing tea estates will have you craving for romance in the hills.


6) Aayirathil Oruvan: 

A Tamil sci-fi thriller, about the hunt for a missing section of the Chola Dynasty. The events span from 1279 A.D. when they first went missing as a result of Pandyan invasion to 2009, where a team of archaeologists are sent by the Indian Government to track them down. The story voyages from southern India to an obscure island Min-gua, just off Vietnam. The stunning cinematography perfectly complements the deserving script and locales. This thriller will have everyone, especially history buffs, on the edges of their seats, wishing they were in a similar surreal adventure in uncharted hinterlands.


7) Dil Chahta Hai:

A coming of age movie of three city bred boys, each faced with their own trials of life and relationships. As is the dream of most college going student who’s raring to explore their wild side, the trio sets off on a road trip to Goa, where they learn a lot about themselves and see each other in a new light. The most memorable scenes of all is in North Goa’s Chapora Fort, where every tourist searching for the ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ Fort winds up! If you and your BFFs still haven’t been to the Fort and taken hundreds of pics for memories, what are you waiting for?!


8) Bombay to Goa: 

This classic 1972 flick starring Amitabh Bachchan is a fun filled rom-com, with a tinge of suspense thrown into the mix. The travellers in the bus to Goa are a mixed bag of people from all over the country, each bringing his own culture into the picture and each with their own idiosyncrasies. What we can really learn from the movie is how much fun it is to meet new people on our travels and how much fun bus journeys in India really are, especially the ones leading to Goa!


9) Kayal:

Kayal follows the adventures of two young men who work hard, save up and travel. On one of their trips, they help a couple elope, which sparks a whole new adventure. Set in the backdrop of the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the director, Prabhu Solomon, drew inspiration from the little town of Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu. One of the young men falls in love with a girl named Kayal, who eventually travels to Kanyakumari to find him. Scenes in the film were shot in Ponneri, Kanyakumari and Ladakh. This movie will definitely trigger your urge to seek adventure in the hills of South India!


10) Chalo Dilli:

The story of the classy (and equally haughty) Mihika, an investment banker in Mumbai who misses her train to Delhi to meet her husband. It was inspired by the Steve Martin starrer Hollywood film Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Since Mihika has to get there at any cost, she gets on a road trip and an ordinary class train journey with a quirky acquaintance. On their journey to Delhi, they encounter life in India’s cities and villages, as they traverse through Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The movie reminds us of our own multi day train journeys that we embark on when we go on vacation or are traveling back home!


Did any of these movies inspire you to start making travel plans?

Tell us what movies inspired you to set off on your own adventure, road trip or vacation!

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We are the road trippers, the track bashers, the ones popping our heads out the bus window to soak in that gorgeous view. In the business world, we help you travel by bus across India. But here, we are the friends you make on that long journey home. Come with us, discover the fun of travelling in India by road!


About the Author

We are the road trippers, the track bashers, the ones popping our heads out the bus window to soak in that gorgeous view. In the business world, we help you travel by bus across India. But here, we are the friends you make on that long journey home. Come with us, discover the fun of travelling in India by road!

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