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A Film Enthusiast’s Journey to Ramoji Film City

Posted by Indranil Bhattacharya on August 2, 2017

Let me begin the blog my introducing a little bit on how I got into movies. The first movie that I remember as a child is Lion King which remains one of my favorites till date. The combination of story, photography, designing, music, and acting is something I started to look upon as I grew up and eventually cinema became a huge part of life and thus begin my journey as a film enthusiast.

I work as a content writer and a travel blogger in Bangalore for my profession, and that takes me to places of interest for my blogs, just like the long weekend I got last month when I decided to visit a friend in Hyderabad. Although that was the excuse I gave myself and to my friend, I knew what was playing at the back of my head: Ramoji film city…every filmmaker’s dream, the home to all the larger than life sets of our favorite cinemas, the biggest film city in the entire world! I have been living not so far from this place for two years now, and I still had not visited this cinema lover’s paradise. I wasted no time and opened my Travelyaari App to book a bus to Hyderabad. I got a window seat at a lower price than I expected and as an icing on the cake, I got a flat 250/- off as an ongoing discount!

I hopped onto the bus the following morning at 11:30 am and dozed off as soon as it started rolling. I woke up after 2/2.5 hours to find the outside surrounding has changed from a busy metropolitan to a drifting highway with fields and forests on the sides. It was a lovely scenery as we kept moving further. The bus was not so crowded and the environment was pleasant, providing a hassle-free journey! As we entered NH44 via Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway, the bus sped up and we reached the city in a total of about 9 hours.

Statue of Rambo in Ramoji Film City

Statue of Rambo in Ramoji Film City

I got down of the bus at Lakdikapul and took a cab to my friend’s place. We spent the night talking, drowned in old memories, excited for the next two days. The next morning, we took a bus from Hyderabad and reached Ramoji Film city in around an hour and as soon as I reached the gate, I was awestruck! So this is how dreams look like! It is impossible to figure out the horizontal ends of the campus from one point because the entire Film City is 2000 acres! We got the tickets from the gate, and as we entered, a red colored bus picked us up from the entrance to give us a tour of the place. We did spend some time the ecozone, the kid’s park, etc., though I was waiting for the Movie Magic and the Live Shows.

Chicken Biriyani

Chicken Biriyani

We filled our tummies with mouth-watering Hyderabadi Special Biriyani from Alampana and guess what? It wasn’t as expensive as we thought it would be. After our taste buds were satisfied, we finally visited the Movie Magic. Oh, I don’t have enough words to express the experience! Three audiences were picked up on stage, and a demonstration of every aspect of filmmaking was given. It was so thrilling I immediately wanted to give it another visit but then time wasn’t as enthusiastic as me. It was already 4:30 pm by then and we had to move ahead with the day’s plans. We enjoyed a few live shows before taking the departure with a heavy heart.

Movie Magic

Movie Magic

Experiencing Ramoji Film City was worth all my dreams of this place. It held within it the glamour and grace of Indian Film Industry. On the journey back to my city, I could only reminisce the artistic masterpiece that was Ramoji film city.


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