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A Soulful Walk through the Orange City

Posted by Indranil Bhattacharya on August 4, 2017

Sneaking out of my regular life and wandering about has always been a thing I do. Even if it were a work related Travel, I always managed to squeeze in a day for myself to explore nearby locations. So when I received a mail confirming my meeting at Pune on the following  Thursday, I immediately checked my schedule and realized to my sheer delight that all my meetings get over by Friday evening. I was scheduled to return to Bangalore on Friday night, but I informed my manager to that I’ll be staying back for the weekend and returning to work on Monday.

The next thing was planning out the weekend.  Pune was a far too familiar city, so I decided to visit Nagpur. I opened the Travelyaari app on my tab and booked myself a window seat in one of their very comfortable and highly valued Multi-axle Volvo bus by VRL Travels. I have always loved how conveniently I could book the exact seat I wanted and as a cherry on top I’d receive these amazing discounts just for booking a ticket online through the app.

The client meeting went impeccably well, far better than what I’d expected. By friday night, I was on the road to Nagpur from Pune. It was a 13 hour long journey, majority of which was spent snoring away to glory, thanks to the smooth ride and the lovely weather. I reached Nagpur at 10:30 am and headed straight to the hotel I’d also booked with Travelyaari. I was in my room recharging myself with a lump-sum breakfast and masala chai by 11:30am.

Zero Mile Marker

Zero Mile Marker

Once done with my breakfast, I packed up a small sling bag with titbits and headed towards my first destination, Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Dargah. An hour after admiring the architecture, I headed towards the Koradi Temple. On the way , I took a quick stop at the Numismatic Art Gallery by Twentieth Century Coins. I couldn’t possibly go home without buying something for my father, especially since he is head over heels into antiques. We reached Koradi temple at around 2:30pm. This is one of those old temples that exudes piety and peace. On the way back my cab driver suggested we took a slight detour to the Zero Mile Marker. According to him it would be a shame to visit Nagpur and not go there and stand right at the centre of the country. Looking up at the four horses, staring at all directions I couldn’t help but feel miniscule, peripheral and all my worries trivial.  I returned to my hotel by 6:30pm, hungry, tired and thoroughly content.

Wainganga River

Wainganga River

Sunday morning begin early with me checking out of my hotel room to head towards Zilpi lake. I spent around an hour and a half enthralled by it tranquility and headed over to the next destination 3 hours away, the fabled town of Markanda. I spent a good two hours soaking up all the serenity this quaint town situated by the banks of river Wainganga has to offer. On the way back we took the Amravati-Nagpur Highway followed by Nagpur-Aurangabad highway. My cab driver, who now had become a friend dropped me off at the airport at 6:00pm sharp.

My flight back to Bangalore was booked with IndiGo at 8:15 pm. I promptly checked myself in and headed towards the security check. Once aboard, I went through the pictures I’d clicked the past two days and I promised to visit the Orange city at least one more time with my family.


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