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    7 GIFs That Define Your Bus Style: Which One Are You?

    7 GIFs That Define Your Bus Style: Which One Are You?

    You come across various types of people on a bus journey. While some are traveling on work, some to meet family back home, some are just wandering around, exploring the country. But apart from the purpose of traveling, the style of bus traveling also defines a person. We have come up with a list of 7 most common types of bus travelers. Which one do you identify with the most?


    1. Comfort Creature

    Comfort Creature

    Sitting upright or leaning back isn’t your idea of a comfortable travel. You like to travel in style on a full sleeper berth. And why not, with a range of AC Volvo and Non-Volvo buses, traveling comfortably in a bus has never been easier.


    2. Movie-on-the-move


    Travel means to you an opportunity to catch up on some movies and shows. All you need is some charge in your laptop and a trusty pair of headphones and you’re good to go! Did you know most buses come with charging slots so you never out of juice again?


    3. You mean business

    You mean business

    You don’t believe in letting go when traveling in a bus. You sit upright, fully aware of your surroundings. No matter how long or tiring the journey, there you are sitting ramrod straight, tapping your feet.


    4. The bookworm

    The bookworm

    You’re a bookworm who manages to snap a book out and read anywhere. While the day and the landscape keeps changing outside your window, you’re happily engrossed in your own world, with the comfort of your work.

    5. Lovers in a bus

    Lovers in a bus

    For you traveling means an opportunity to bond with your partner. You two love traveling together and bus means longer hours to snuggle up and fall asleep on each others’ shoulders.

    6. You lean back a little too much, crushing the guy behind

    You lean back a little too much, crushing the guy behind

    While you like your travel in comfort, sometimes you can be a little inconsiderate and end up reclining your seat all the way till the person behind has no space to breathe. Simple take a full berth Sleeper bus the next time!

    7. A chatterbox

    A chatterbox

    You love chatting up your co-passengers. You’ve made some good friends with people from the bus. However, be careful, if the co-passenger is busy on the phone, you might want to take it a notch lower! After all, traveling is all about friendships and fun.




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