In India, buses take up over 90% of public transport in the urban/rural centers and serve as an important mode of transfer. Intercity bus transportation is the backbone of the Indian transport system and is a need of million Indians. Transport demand in India has been rising rapidly and in the recent years, this demand has shifted among transport modes mainly for the advantage of passengers who are looking for a comfortable traveling. Every government transport regulations affect a significant chunk of Indian travelers today.

    Count for this space and know the several rules that the government has imposed on the current bus transport system. Be it the new bus toll tax regulation of Orissa or the implementation of the Bus Code (AIS 052) in April 2015 which applies to the entire Indian bus industry, know it all here.

    Travelyaari’s gift of accessibility to India for 9 years

    Travelyaari’s gift of accessibility to India for 9 years

    Travel has always been important to us; but what about those who are bound in wheelchairs, parents with small children, and people with some form of disabilities and senior citizens? Do they have to forego travel?  Even when it is a necessity? Are they not entitled to explore places and enjoy the immense pleasure of traveling?


    The answers to these questions have enabled governments & private organizations worldwide think and implement several “Tourism For All” initiatives.  Popularly known as, “Accessible Tourism “, these initiatives are aimed to make our world more accessible, enabling millions of travelers to benefit. What exactly is this phenomenon?


    According to Wikipedia, “Accessible tourism is the ongoing endeavor to ensure tourist destinations, products and services are available to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age. It encompasses publicly and privately owned tourist locations. The improvements benefit not only those with permanent physical disabilities but also parents with small children, elderly travelers, people with temporary injuries such as a broken leg, as well as their travel companions”.


    It is no surprise to note that Accessible tourism benefits everyone as more people have the opportunity to go and reach the desired destinations, see places they yearn to see and marvel at and cherish moments for a lifetime.  Besides, it benefits governments and private businesses as more revenues can be generated since worldwide millions of people are now able to enjoy travel who otherwise would not have stepped out of their houses.


    However, there’s still more to be done. Accessible tourism isn’t easy on the first go as accessibility involves a plethora of problems, people, and circumstances.  It cannot be a ‘one size fits all ‘policy as it is an individual thing yet involving the mass audience.  Often, people have a notion that providing access is the responsibility of governments, or concerned private businesses or entity or one individual, but it’s not so. It rests with all of us in the society. Only by thinking and working together we can make the desired difference.


    ‘Travel or Access for All’ can be no more a distant dream, but a reality when we stand united and achieve together. We, at Travelyaari, have always remained sensible to the society needs. To make “Travel for All possible”, we have never hesitated to go to an extra mile.


    What Accessible Tourism Means to us


    • We always try our best to ensure that people travel on the scheduled time and day. We never shy away from making alternate arrangements if the bus booked through us is canceled including making provisions in upgraded buses.
    • Travel is not risk-free. To mitigate travel related risks, we provide free personal accident insurance coverage worth Rs. 1, 00,000 in case of death or dismemberment during journey under personal accident policy under TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd.


    • Some of the ridiculous problems faced by travelers are caused by irresponsible travel agents and their unclear rules. After seeing the cases of many travelers stranded for various reasons, all the while the bus agents playing a blame game, we at, have decided to avoid such unpleasant situations at the first go. Providing world-class customer service and ensuring hassle free journey is our mission and we are leaving no stone unturned to make it happen.


    • Reserved Bus seats for Ladies: Does the fear of being a woman and traveling alone keep you from visiting your favorite destinations? Fear not for we have seats reserved especially for you. If you are a single woman traveling with us, the seat next to you will either be occupied by another lady or will be left vacant. Safety is our concern, and we take it upon us to provide our passengers a secure and comfortable journey.


    • 100% Live Bus Ticket Inventory: A fool-proof way to view and book bus seats online. The bus industry is still a highly unorganized industry, unable to leverage technology to enhance productivity and efficiency across various business processes. Issues such as same seat allocation to different customers, inefficiency in bus scheduling and non-transparency in ticket pricing are still common. Sales reach of the bus industry was limited to limited agents’ network and bus service provider offices.


    We have unshackled such problems by automating the entire processes from viewing, selecting, booking and traveling. With Travelyaari, you get to see the precise seats that are available and the seats that have been reserved, unlike our competitors using non-live updates which often result in the same old problems- a whole lot of confusion and disasters.


    • We entertain and engage only those bus service providers of class and quality. Our bus service partner network are leading bus providers who provide sophisticated buses with high-end technology, world-class facilities and most importantly, reliable services. Such keen insistence and carefulness help us deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction in line with our philosophy – Travel Assured.


    Come, let’s just join hands together and make “Travel for All “possible!



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