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    Get an insight into the lives of the daring adventurers who chose the path less traveled after setting themselves free from the clutches of the corporate world. From day tours in national parks to long-distance cycling escapades, from short weekend trips to multi-month expeditions, these travel explorers will rightly express the joy of dancing in the rain while relishing a cup of tea.

    Indore: The undiscovered Foodie paradise of India

    Indore: The undiscovered paradise for foodies and shopaholics


    There are no fancy hoardings or newspaper cuttings to testify the awesomeness that Indore has on its streets than in malls. But the huge crowds thronging at the roadside stalls for handicrafts, clothes, and food are proof enough to guarantee that you will definitely lay your hands on some exclusive finds. For a true shopaholic, the 'where' of shopping doesn’t really matter as long as she encounters best quality stuff at great deals. Explore Indore’s strikingly distinctive treats at corners that are popular for all goodie and foodie reasons.


    As the evening turns darker in the city, the sight of the visitors streaming through the roads, stopping now and then to enjoy the delectable goodies laid out in a row, would instantly make you want to be a part of it. The crowd, the sweat and the hours spent on bargaining while shopping on the bustling streets of the city has its own charm. Whatever your budget may be, there’s always something for you here. And so, the sight of travellers thronging this city not only for its legendary monuments, forts, and temples but also for its local treats, is not actually unfamiliar.


    What to Shop!!


    Shopping in Indore is an integral part of every travel itinerary. You will be surprised to see that the Bazaars in Indore are way beyond popular that the branded showrooms in defining fashion. Every Bazaar set up in different corners of the city has a unique appeal that is mainly defined by its narrow lanes, vegetable markets and rows of dim-lit shops all under one roof.


    Tip: Today, Indore is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh that offers a spectacle of majestic ancient monuments co-existing in harmony with the commercial centres. Apart from being the state's commercial capital, it is also known for fashion and mouth-watering culinary experiences.Make bus bookings for Indore with Travelyaari and get world-class services while on board at best-discounted rates. Experience a comfortable journey while travelling on bus routes Indore to Nagpur, Nagpur to Indore, Mumbai to Indore, etc.



    Pamper yourself with Sarees that are exclusively hand woven with intricate designs of Zari work on glittering brocades. The local classic Maheshwari Saree and Chanderi Sarees weaved with fine threads are a hit among the women here for its sheer elegance. Visit the MT market which is one of the oldest in the city and is popular for putting on display some of the unique kinds of outfit that are both traditional yet quirky. You may also opt to go to Rajwara market for more custom designs. However, if you seek to buy contemporary patterns fused with traditional fabric work, then Sitlamata Bazaar is the place you need to head to.





    Handicraft Items

    Creativity lingers in every brick of this city, and so the art and craft here are best showcased through its handicrafts. From colourful hand-crafted bangles to toys, lamps, wooden carvings, leather bags and more, all make for excellent keepsakes and these are easily found in Topkhana and Jail Road. You may have to haggle hard to get the best deal on every purchase. However, if you wish to avoid bargaining, then straightaway head to the government managed emporiums located on MG Road that assures best product quality.







    Pick up from the best array of sparkling gems from the oldest area in the town. Bara Sarafa and Chotta Sarafa are the two great places that have both traditional and contemporary Indian pieces of jewellery for display and sale.







    Read more: Indore has a bunch of amazing places worth checking out when on a trip here. It owes much of its credentials to the reign of different dynasties that resulted in building its rich history with majestic forts, palaces, and monuments that are today world famous. Get you bus tickets with Travelyaari and set out on a journey now.

    What to eat!!


    Indore’s love affair with food is older than its name. A typical day in Indore starts with a rather interesting combination of Poha and Jalebi. It is the most quintessential breakfast here and a day doesn’t seem to begin for the people of Indore without it.





    One of the oldest and traditional sweet shops in Indore called the "Madhuram Sweets" churns out the strangest yet delicious beverage known as Shikanji which is nothing like a usual Shikanji that you might have had before. It is beaten out of shrikhand and curd and served with the toppings of dry fruits and Kesar. This shop is in the Chappan Dukan area which is dotted with “56” other shops and is a food street that witnesses a great influx of visitors every day. Many other small roadside vendors line up here to sell other local fast foods such as Chicken Roll, Fried Garadu, coconut patties, crispy Kachoris and more.






    Few kilometres away from "Chappan Dukan," located is the Sarafa Bazar which also has a lot to offer for the ones gastronomically inclined apart from expensive jewellery & gems. It is said that this place is 100 years old and was encouraged by the jewellery shop owners so as to secure their own shops in the night with the buzzing crowd. When most of the Indore is asleep, this late-night market gets nearly 4000-5000 visitors, both locals and tourists.






    With neon signboards strung up on the shutters of every closed jewellery shops in Sarafa, the well-lit carts invading the darkness of the night and people negotiating over the prices of a plate of jalebi while also carefully walking past the giant woks with bubbling hot oil in it is a mesmerizing sight.





    The Indori Gulab Jamun found in Sarafa is yet another unusual twist to the ordinary Gulab Jamun that we all must have had either in the shops or at home. These Gulab Jamuns sold in Sarafa woes every dessert lover with its big sizes. Not only does its size make it an exceptional creation of the humans but also the Mawa, dry fruits, saffron, and cardamom stuffed in it make it the best in the town. If you want to gulp in a Gulab Jamun after a flat main course, then Sarafa is the place to be!






    Sarafa Bazaar stays awake throughout the night, for feeding and satisfying the city’s unruly appetite. One look at the Bhutte ki Kees and you are there! It’s a dish in which corn is topped with coriander and coconut gratings along with drops of lemon juice.





    Generations of tweaking and improving classic recipes have led to Sarafa Bazaar being the birthplace of culinary culture in Indore. Every lane in the Bazaar is crammed with sounds and aromas of different savouries. The Jaleba, egg benjo, Dal Bafla and Khopra Patties are other such dishes whose recipes have been twisted to tickle your senses with an ensemble of flavours. One can find more than 100 varieties of dishes at Sarafa Bazaar. Since Indori food is rarely subtle, hence most of it is steeped in richness and tartness.

    Living the childhood fantasy in Essel World

    Living the childhood fantasy in Essel World

     It was a lunch conversation with colleagues on a typical Thursday afternoon that sparked this exciting and fun weekend getaway plan. Like most of our friends, we too intended to travel over the long weekend of Dusshera. Since my childhood, the one thing I have always desired to see was the Esselworld in Mumbai. While recalling my old memories, I remembered how Essel world was the most talked-about fantasy park of the 90’s back then.

    That was it—we decided to leave for Mumbai on the same day at night.

    My colleague booked two sleeper seats with VRL Travels through Travelyaari bus booking portal. To our surprise, we could claim great discounts that Travelyaari was offering on bus tickets due to the ongoing festive season.

    We reached Mumbai on the next day morning and booked a local Taxi to the Marve road. It is here where we boarded the ferry to Gorai.

     Ferry to Gorai to Reach Essel world


    Travelling on an impulse
    Essel world is the biggest amusement park in India that observes a large influx of tourists from all over the world every year. It is a well-planned construction on an Island called Gorai in Mumbai. Everything about this place is incredible, right from reaching the island via a Ferry to the long passage at the seashore. While riding to the Island, we were taken aback by the magical sight of the colourful fishes, flocks of white swans and ducks swimming in the water.


    Essel World: A day in the kingdom of fun
    As we straddled along the road to the park, we came across many eating joints. We hopped from one shop to the other and ate until we were full. The one thing we chomped on throughout this trip inside the park was the cotton candies.



    Eventually, we reached the point where all the rides inside the premises could be seen. There were crowds dressed in fancy clothes resembling the famous cartoon characters. Apart from the fun rides, there were many fun events, carnivals, and activities organized to keep the excitement alive.


     Dressed-in-fancy costumes

    And this was our experience at Esselworld. It was extremely refreshing, and soon we realized about the much-forgotten return journey to home. Our Bus from Mumbai to Bangalore was scheduled at 10:00 PM on the same day at night.






    It has been more than a week since we have come back, but the memories are so fresh that I can still breathe every second of that trip. If time travel exists on earth, it has to be in Essel world again.

    Do not miss to take a ride on What-a-Coaster, Goofers Lagoon, Wetlantic, The Lagoon, Brat zone, and Adventure Amazonia

    The park opens its gate at 10 am and shutdowns all its rides by 8 pm

    The Entry fee to Essel World is as follows:
    INR 600 for children
    INR 950 for adults
    INR 300 for senior citizens


    I first drove to Qutab Minar followed by the rest. Scroll further to see the different hues of Delhi, still displaying its pride.

    A road to the ancient era

    “Bus journeys have always been very fascinating mainly because it reflects the colors of India as well as take you on the run to explore life and its different shades.”


    This travel journal will take you through the Highways of Patiala alongside the pleasant scenes of the paddy, mustard and rice fields to the capital city of India and leave you startled about it.

    My bus tickets were booked through Travelyaari in PRTC Bus from Patiala to Delhi that was scheduled at 5:01 AM on 22 May 2017. This was the first time I shall be travelling to Delhi and hop around alone all by myself. Yes, just the thought of this solo trip, filled my heart with excitement and valour.  

    As I was journeying through the gorgeous yellow fields of mustard, the fantasy that quickly hit me was of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. After travelling for about 120 KMs, we arrived at Singhpura and halted here for some time for a quick breakfast.

    We stopped by at Tusir Vashna Dhaba and just the aroma that lingered around here got me hungry. I ordered aloo parathas with scrambled eggs, pickles and I simply can’t get over it yet. Next, we continued our journey towards Delhi and came across many more serene sites passing by my window.

    At around 10:10 AM we made it to the city and got dropped at the bus station. It is from here that I booked myself a taxi for a city tour after negotiating for a while and finally agreeing upon a fee of 3000 INR/ day.

    Delhi has been under the throne of many dynasties since time immemorial. Right from the Pandavas of Mahabharata to Narendra Modi of today's political scenario, many rulers have come and gone. Thus, making Delhi a versatile state with architecture reflecting its timeline from the ancient ages.

    Delhi is a lot more than just a city of love. It is an ideal blend of culture and modernity. It is a capital state with countless monuments on one hand while a world-class airport and metro on the other.

    I first drove to Qutab Minar followed by the rest. Scroll further to see the different hues of Delhi, still displaying its pride.



    Qutab Minar
    Qutab Minar



    Located in the city of Mehrauli, Qutab Minar stands testament to the slave dynasty under the rule of Qutubuddin Aibak, who after defeating Ghori established the first Mughal rule over Delhi.



    Hauz Khas
    Hauz Khas


    It was during the reign of Allaudin Khilji when Hauz Khas was built and was named Siri. The kind of monuments you may see here are Tomb of Feroz Shah Tughlaq, Bag-i-AlamGumbad, Kali Gumti, and Tefe Wala Gumbad.



    Kotla, Firozabad
    Kotla, Firozabad


    The city was named after the Mughal ruler Firoz Shah who built  Firoz Shah Kotla, Khuni Darwaza, Ashoka’s Pillar, Inchla Wali Gunti and many other such mesmerizing monuments.



    Purana Qila
    Purana Qila

     The present-day Purana Qila (Old Fort) was the creation of Sher Shah Suri in his capital city of Shergarh. Humayun’s Tomb, Arab Sarai, Khair-ul-Manzil, Moti Gate of Sher Shah Suri, etc.



    Jantar Mantar
    Jantar Mantar


    It is among the monuments that form the backbone of the New Delhi tourism. Established in the heart of New Delhi, it is one of the five watchtowers erected by Maharaja Jai Singh II in 1724.



    Agrasen Ki Baoli
    Agrasen Ki Baoli

     This structure consists of three levels and has 103 steps. It is believed to be built by the legendary Maharaja Agrasen. Rumors says that the Baoli is also one of the haunted spots in Delhi.



    India Gate
    India Gate

    One of the latest attractions of the New Delhi tourism is the India Gate on Rajpath which is a war memorial to the 82,000 soldiers of the entire Indian Army who died during the First World War.



    Jama Masjid
    Jama Masjid

    Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor, got the Jama Masjid built between 1644 and 1656 on a massive budget. The entire structure is constructed of red sandstone and white marble.



    Red Fort
    Red Fort


    The Red Fort was the official seat of Mughal dominion since 1648; It was during the reign of Shah Jahan the capital of the empire was moved from Agra to Delhi. Until today, it persists to be one of the architectural wonders of the Mughal age.


     And at last but not the least... 




    It is the appeal of the Taj Mahal enticing tourists from all over the world to Agra. A city with a remarkable past, dwelling on the banks of River Yamuna, offers much more than just the Taj.


    After living a day like an archaeological explorer, I checked into my hotel room in The Taj Vilas, Agra for a night stop.
    The immediate next day I had my bus scheduled at 6:55 AM and I reached Patiala at 12:25 PM. On our way, we had rested at Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba in Sonipat for a delicious breakfast and continued.

    This Delhi excursion is one of the greatest I have ever had in all my life. I loved every corner of this city and wish to be back here. There are an infinite number of places that have immense historical importance and is protected by the Archeological Survey of India. Do not miss out on an incredible bus journey with Travelyaari providing its services 24X7 for your safe-secure bookings and travel to a city unknown. 



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