“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine

    Set here is the perfect compilation of travel quotes that is intended to fill every traveler’s heart with pleasure. Watch this space for inspirational words on travel and soul searching . Browse through this space as these inspiring authors of travel, life, and living are going to embark you on a long journey.


    These 10 travel quotes will put your life in perspective

    These 10 travel quotes will put your life in perspective

    Travelling is much like reading a picture book that instantly becomes the very essence of life. Seeing new places, connecting with different people and breathing in a new land open the horizons to experience a whole new life. Whether you are travelling a state over or going halfway across the country, a glimpse of the culture beyond your hometown will give you a fresh outlook on the diversity of our land. Discover something new from the old. Bring back a piece of experience while enjoying the soothing bright sunshine, matching steps in the melody of the turbulent waves hitting the shore and playing peekaboo with the hills cloaked in clouds.


    So, sit back, take a break from your stereotyped routine and book your bus tickets with Travelyaari. Unplug from the cobwebs of the digital world and get set to travel.


    Still not convinced? Feed your brain with inspiring travel quotes and see the hidden wanderlust emerging gently out of you.


    Tiny world

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    Congratulations! You're now ready to backpack! 

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    Travel lovers

    Travel lovers



    What path to choose, oh seeking soul?

    What consider you to be your goal?

    What in your heart do you define,

    As truth so rare and so divine?

    Is truth a feeling you design?

    Or something more that others find?


     Consider your life, oh restless soul


    Consider your life, oh restless soul,

    Consider just what can make you whole.

    Remember, truth springs beyond time,

    Pouring from places, defined sublime,

    Where angels weep for the men who lie,

    Where helpers comfort women who cry –


     Where guides are sent to those who die


    Where guides are sent to those who die,

    Where answers follow all the whys,

    Where learning opens every eye,

    Where stars are born and grow and shine –


    I’ll meet you there


    I’ll meet you there,

    I’ll take you there,

    I’ll love you there,

    Beyond our sky.

    An Ode to Travel-lovers!

    An Ode to Travel-lovers!

    Travel to the place

    Where mind set to peace,

    No one can see,

    Feel us free.


     Travel to Leh and LadakhTravel to the place

    Travel to Leh and LadakhTravel to the place

    Where we can breathe,

    Fill our desire,

    We wish; we aspire.


     Travel to the place


    Travel to the place

    Where we have silence,

    Flower of fragrance,

    And nature to admire.

    Travel to the place

    Where we can write,

    Lines of rhyme,

    At any time.


    RelaxTravel to the place


    RelaxTravel to the place

    Where we have enough space,

    Work without race,

    No tension on face.



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