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    Out of the way places in Hyderabad that nobody told you about

    Out of the way places in Hyderabad that nobody told you about

    Ranked as the best of the world in 2015 in an annual magazine of National Geographic, Hyderabad is a city dipped down in rich culture and history. On the first glimpse, Hyderabad may seem like a contemporary metropolis with bustling life, but as you scrape the dirt off from over the surface, you’ll find an astonishing four-hundred-year-old ancient town that reflects its glorious past. The pulse of the city is felt in its ornate palaces, grand mosques, and magnificent tombs, almost as though you are time travelling. No matter where you are driving to, you surely will bump into some or the other historical monument on your way in this city of Nizams.


    Thronged with people and buzzing with commerce, the lanes of Hyderabad today are flanked with chai shops and masala shops. Looming over this old city is some of India’s most impressive architecture in varying state of restoration. From mouth-watering biryani to tantalizing street food and themed eating spots to trying menus from all around the world, the city always mystifies its visitors with its miscellany in lifestyle and culture. The spirit of vibrancy forever remains unsullied in the city, as evident by these offbeat things to do in Hyderabad.



    Gautameshwar Temple Ruins, Manthani


    The crumbling walls of this ancient ruins with creepers growing from everywhere that seems to be adorning the sculptures of the Gautameshwar temple is a complete tourist catch. With the Godavari rushing beside it, this age-old structure speaks volumes about its legendary tales from the Kakatiya period. There are many other structures found in the village of Manthani, but tourists' affinity primarily lies with the Gautameshwar Temple.






    Pocharam Dam and Wildlife Sanctuary


    The unique thing about this dam is that it has no flood-gates and during the monsoon, it is wholly pepped up to woo all its visitors with its magnificent sight. There is boating available in the nearby areas where one can learn fishing from the locals or practice bird-watching at this picturesque spot. Savour the Salubrious breeze as the fragrance carrying the odour of the forest flowers, and the old watchtower awaits your presence the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary.



    Picture by J.M.Garg

    Pakhal Lake in Warangal

    Walking through the undulating hills and forested dales to the to the supremely serene Pakhal Lake will expose one to the soothing sound of gushing water and some most breathtaking scenes. The Pakhal Wildlife sanctuary on the banks is teeming with different species of flora and fauna. To make this experience more unforgettable, camping on a full moon night here is highly recommended.



    Picture by Alosh Bennett.


    Kuntala Waterfalls in Adilabad

    Located on the Kadem river, the cascading waters of Kuntala waterfalls is the highest waterfall with a height of 147ft in the Telangana state. Legends have it that this waterfall earned its name from Shakuntala, the wife of King Dushyant and it is here where the duo fell in love with each other. Nature lovers are bound to enjoy this surrounding that with its cool breeze and rich flora soothes your body and mind. Frolicking beneath the misty splash of the waterfall is a must activity before setting out to explore more amidst the lush canopied Sahyadri foothills.



    Picture by Rahmnuddn


    Bhongir Fort at Nalgonda

    Bhongir Fort, also known as the Bhuvanagiri Fort is a petroglyph atop a monolithic hill which is more than 700-feet high. Trekking up to this hill before the sunrise gives one a hypnotic view of the surrounding lowlands that shines brighter with every ray of the rising sun falling on it. There are spine-chilling activities like rock climbing and rappelling conducted here for those craving an adrenaline rush.



    Picture by Pranayraj1985



    Best time to visit

    The city breathes pleasant during October to March since the mild winter chills offset the heavy rains and the upcoming months quite well.  It gets pretty uncomfortable during the summer season for the travellers and they feel hesitant about moving freely in the city.



    There are Hotels in plenty to suit every budget in Hyderabad. Every hotel has its own speciality and is always brimming with tourists and businesspeople. Hence it is best to look for accommodation in advance and select a location as per convenience.


    How to reach

    Book your bus tickets with Travelyaari and set out on a journey to tour the city of Charminar. This metro city is well-connected with Chennai, Kerala, Mumbai and other south Indian states with wide-lane highways. Search for buses on the routes Chennai to Hyderabad, Hyderabad to Chennai, Mumbai to Hyderabad and more while bus booking with Travelyaari. You will then discover an extensive list of popular buses operating on these routes including Parveen Travels, KPN, VRL, and SRS.

    There is still much to say about discovering less well-known destinations in out-of-the-way places of Hyderabad. It all feels like getting back to that age when there was magic in finding something that is relatively a low-key spot which gradually turns into a tourist appeal.

    Gujarat: Always expect the unexpected

    Gujarat: Always expect the unexpected


    If you didn’t know already, I am forever finding a reason to hit the road, a reason to see new places, a reason to breathe the air in a new land and a reason to try new flavours that are alien to my taste buds. On a chilly October night, I found myself living my childhood’s lost dream in the balcony of a hotel room in Old Ahmedabad. I was a little sceptical about my solo trip, but I soon got over this apprehension after a serendipitous encounter with the phenomenal side of Gujarat. For a place that whispers stories from the ancient, medieval and modern history every moment, makes one vulnerable and starving for more.


    Go off the beaten path in Gujarat, and discover its breathing culture, retreat in its wilderness, and unique cuisine.


    Witness the historical brilliance of Sabarmati Ashram

    Enriched with the reminiscences of the Indian freedom struggle, this Ashram in Ahmedabad is a must see. It is easy to say why! The place has an odd yet soothing atmosphere that touches the soul. It used to be the residence of Mahatma Gandhi that still has on display the belongings that were a part of his everyday life.

    There is also a library attached to it which is decked with a thousand books giving every information about Gandhiji’s life and his contribution in liberating India from the clutches of the Britishers.




    See the exquisite Banni Grasslands

    As I was approaching Banni, it felt like entering into the wilderness that has no sign of civilization. There are no paved roads, no signposts, and no light poles. In this seemingly lifeless scrubland, the wind flows freely from every dimension and direction often losing its way while tangling your hair. This Grassland houses many secrets and gives one an opportunity to explore the depths of nature.




    Find yourself awestruck at the Gopnath Beach

    Away from the bustling of life, there lies a beach in Gujarat that is an ideal destination for travellers seeking peace. This place is famous for the Gopinath temple that holds remnants from the age of the Vedas. One can see the limestone cliffs bulging out from the land everywhere in the beach, and that exposes the candid beauty of the place.


    The Gopnath Beach


    To the eternity and beyond: Dwarka

    The Dwarkadhish temple that belongs to the age of Lord Krishna is an essential part of the Hindus in India. Drop by on a weekday here, and you’ll be astonished at how peaceful it is! I got a drive up to Bet Dwarka where allegedly the Golden city of Dwarka is submerged. Standing on the bridge over a historic Island was a magical feeling.




    Walking over the arid lands of Kutch

    The greatest surprise of my trip unfolded as I was driving for miles through a vast area of cracked land without seeing another soul other than my co-travellers. The long stretch of a salty marsh is a treat to the eye. This place is not bound to any season and with a barren land that stretches miles towards the horizon, is a unique experience that can be had only here.




    Last home of the Asiatic Lions: Gir National Park

    It is quite an experience to go on a jeep safari through the Gir National Park. Hearing the roars of the lion is one hair-raising moment. The area is well secured to protect the great stretch of vegetation and other species residing in this sanctuary. The king of the jungle reigns the land, but there are plenty of other species of birds and animals too, like the hyenas, fox, leopards just to name a few.




    “To travel is to eat” – Michelle Shappirio

    Gujarat is quite a culinary paradise, and I fell in love with it within days. The food here is tampered generously with spices that are found only in this region and tastes scrumptious, to say the least. My platter usually included chapatti, rice, a veggie curry; prepared out of varied combinations of vegetables and spices, lentils and kadhi; a thick gravy made of chickpea flour, yoghurt, and vegetable fritters. Other traditional dishes like farsan, Patra, dhokla, jalebi, and mohanthal also found a place on my platter. I loved every morsel I had! I think I have finally got the Gujarati obsession with carrying khakra and Thepla for emergency meals.




    How to reach


    By Road

    Gujarat is best known for its well-connected roadways in the western India. It consists of several two to four-lane highways that connect Gujarat with the entire country. My brother recommended Travelyaari to me since he used it recently. I had decided to book a bus ticket with them because it’s super easy to make bus booking in just a few hours before departure. The prices are competitive and more importantly, fixed. I also noticed some cool offers on their website for October travellers, that I had used to book my seat with Samay Travels.


    By Rail

    Gujarat is well linked within as well as with neighbouring countries through the railways. Some major railway stations are in Surat, Ahmedabad, and Rajkot. There are super-fast trains too, that are operating every day connecting Ahmedabad to Mumbai and Delhi.


    By Air

    Gujarat is known to have the most number of domestic airports than any other states of India. There are seventeen airports, and an international airport in Ahmedabad called the Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport.


    Best time to visit

    Gujarat, in general, has hot and dry summers but is pleasant throughout the winters. Planning a trip during winters seemed to be the best option as the cosy whether encouraged me more to step out in the blue and explore more.

    Kolhapur: The city that surprises you in more than one way

    Kolhapur: The city that surprises you in more than one way

    In Kolhapur, nature has an identity of its own. It enthrals and seduces in equal measures. A travel experience in Kolhapur is magical as it portrays a blend of nature, history, spirituality and age-old traditions. The place caters to every tourist’s interest with its soothing climate and a convenient location. Apart from the authentic local cuisines, Kolhapur is also famous for its handicrafts, footwear, and garments.


    No matter where you are, Travelyaari allows you to book buses from any corner of India to Kolhapur. Quickly get your bus ticket bookings done with Shrinath Travel Agency, Gujarat Travels or Shree Hari Travels that operate between the routes of Pune to Kolhapur, Bangalore to Kolhapur, Mumbai to Kolhapur and several other roadways.


    Here find out a few great things to see and do while in Kolhapur.

    1. Mahalakshmi Temple

    Kolhapur’s main appeal lies with the Mahalakshmi Temple that draws millions of pilgrims to this destination every year from all over India. A visit to this temple is enlightening and a divine experience. This temple is one of the great Shakti Peethas as per Hindu Puranas.


     mahalakshmi temple

    Tip: The temple is approximately 3 Kms from Kolhapur bus stand. Make bus booking with Shrinath Travel agency and do not lose a chance to experience the mysticism of this temple.

    2. Rankala Lake

    A picturesque lake with a gorgeous landscape is one of the oldest lakes of Maharashtra. Built under the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji, it serves as a perfect scenic spot to witness a magnificent sunset and sunrise.


    Rankala Lake

    3. Kopeshwar Temple

    Established in the 12th century, this temple owes its reverence to Lord Shiva. The carvings and the secular figures on the exterior walls of the temple give it an appealing charm.


    Kopeshwar Temple

    4. Panhala Fort

    The Panhalgad fort, which is around 21 Km from the central city of Kolhapur is a wonder of the Indian history. Its strategic position made it a battlefield of the Marathas, the Mughals and later the Britishers.


     Panhala Fort

    Do not miss the inscriptions on the walls that are displayed with some marvellous carvings.

    There are a variety of other things that one can do here and an excellent option being shopping in Kolhapur.

    • Kolhapuri sandals

    These are handcrafted leather shoes which are locally bronzed using vegetable dyes. These chappals are famous for its open toe and T-strap sandals. It's ethnic design is such that they make a great fashion statement too, thus making it attractive.


    Kolhapuri sandals


    • Kolhapuri spices

    Kolhapuri cuisines give one the right kick of spiciness with its curries and fries. The various exotic Kolhapuri spices used to prepare meat is simply mouth-watering and tempting. You will find here an extensive collection of seasonings ranging from ready-made to tailor-made spices that are available in every spice store.


     Kolhapuri spices


    There is no way Kolhapur can be dulling with so much to see and do. A visit here more than once is a new experience every time. So, don’t wait and book your bus tickets now with Travelyaari and choose to travel with your favourite bus operator.

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