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    Travelyaari put in every effort to bring a smile on faces that strongly desires to travel. We understand that there comes a price with every holiday planning. In order to ease your pockets, Travelyaari introduces a range of offers and discounts every month that one can avail at the time of booking any travel services with us. Every promo code is unique and are valid as per the policies associated with it.

    Travelyaari is India’s leading online travel portal that offers discount codes in galore and not burning a hole in the pockets. Check out this space for exciting travel deals and gain maximum discounts on every bus ticket reservation and holiday packages.

    Travel more with SAVE MORE NOVEMBER

    Travel more with SAVE MORE NOVEMBER

    The month after Diwali is all about savings since everyone seems to have gotten their pockets emptied during the festive month. And later comes the hardest thing about saving money, which is just to get started. It can be challenging at times to figure out simple ways, but here we are to help you gain back all that you have lost with our best travel offers while you are on board to your destination.  Travelyaari is all set to welcome November with more save offers and surprise you with its exclusive deals that are carefully designed just to fetch you the most out of every road trip.


    Slip into the savings spree mode this month as Travelyaari offers you a range of bus ticket coupons to save big and not compromise with any travel plans. Get the cheapest fare and the best deal on bus tickets with our maximum discount offers. We’ve got here the November Offer codes and their inclusions in detail, so check them out below!




    1) Use NOV50

    - Flat 4% off Up to Rs. 50 on all bookings above Rs. 300 /-


    2) Use NOV100

    -Flat 5% off Up to Rs. 100 on all bookings above Rs. 750/-


    3) Use NOV200

    -Flat 6% off Up to Rs. 200 on all bookings above Rs. 1500/-


    And did we mention that the November deals don't end just here? We have something special in store for the Mobikwik wallet users too. Get super cashback up to Rs.200/- at Travelyaari on payment via Mobikwik.


    As we gently raise the curtains to reveal the November deals, the month seems to pep up the saving spirit more. Here is another lucky shot of promo codes and deals. Use code WEBYAARI to get additional 7% discount on bookings above Rs.100/-.


    Likewise, use the coupon code RETURNYAARI and get up to 7.5% off on your first four return ticket bookings. To avail this offer, make a minimum investment of Rs.100 per journey while reserving your bus tickets.


    Travelyaari App to bag extra deals!

    Save every day with super saver deals in Travelyaari app. Receive offer coupons via the app and save on booking world-class Volvo, AC, Non-AC, seater and sleeper bus services. Experience quick bus ticket booking privileges and other best deals to travel safely while being light in pockets. Download the app now to explore our super saver coupons.


    All coupon codes expire after one use and are not applicable on RTC/Govt Buses. Wallet cash back and cancellation terms are as per the T&C shown at the time of checkout.


    You can easily avail all the codes at the time of booking in the Travelyaari website, or use the all-new Travelyaari Mobile App available in Google Play Store!


    Discounting Discounts - A Guide to Availing Online Offers

    Discounting Discounts - A Guide to Availing Online Offers

    Picture this.

    You open up your phone to see a flash sale happening on your favourite app. Discounts are aplenty, and there are cash-back offers as well!

    Discounts and Offers


    You think to yourself “Is karma finally being kind to me?!” as you line up your bag with all the goodies that you can suddenly afford!

    It’s time to click the Proceed to Payment button. Happiness is but a mouseclick away, and THAT is when the euphoria dies down.


    “Offer only applicable on purchases above XYZ amount.”  

    “The items in your cart already have discounts applied on them.”

    “This offer has now expired.”

    “Cashback of 5% not applicable on amounts below ABC amount”

    Frustrated Customer

    It’s safe to say that we’re probably all familiar with the phrase “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

    But in a world where sales and discounts are prevalent around every corner, it’s hard not to get swept up in the unrelenting waves of slashed prices, early bird offers and coupon codes that would tempt even the most tight-fisted customers.

    While most of these offers seem straightforward, things can get pretty murky when you actually delve into the blocks of text and jargon.

    To smoothen out the whole process of choosing and availing discounts and offers, we’ve made up a checklist of things to look out the next time you’re thinking of availing some of these offers:


    Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions

    Navigating the Terms and Conditions page is as welcome as a table leg for you to bang your foot against, but the devil is in the details.

    Going through the Terms & Conditions of any offer or website is a tiresome, but rewarding practice that will save you a lot of grief and A LOT of time.  

    You’ll be surprised with what pops up. Hidden conditions, restrictions and a bunch of unfathomable jargon that even a corporate lawyer would have to struggle through will definitely have you thinking twice about


    E-Wallet Offers

    E-Wallet Offers

    E-wallet offers do seem quite attractive at first glance, but there are quite a number of things that you need to look out for.  The most common forms of rewards are cash-back offers.

    Minimum purchases and maximum cash-back are the first things you should check before availing a cash-back offer, and always check if your wallet has the feature of transferring your cash-back points back into your bank account!

    Another thing to look out for is the redemption periods on your cashback balance for website-specific wallets. Your cashback balance may only be available for a specific time period, and may also require a minimum spend amount to avail them.

    Website / App Exclusive Discounts

    Exclusive Offers

    If you’re looking to avail certain promo codes or discounts, be sure to check whether they’re applicable to both is applicable only for a company’s desktop site, mobile site, or mobile app before you start purchasing something.

    While most codes will work across all platforms, there are certain cases where promotions or discounts are exclusive to certain platforms and devices. A promotional code or discount offer exclusive to a mobile app will not work on the website of the same.


    Reward Cards & Bank Rewards Programs

    Cashback Cards

    Getting points for buying things is like a competition where everybody’s a winner.  However, while Reward Points are usually easy to accumulate, redeeming them is another experience altogether.

    While you can redeem the points, you’re often saddled with “participating partners”, and often rerouted to select 3rd party websites and outlets, where what you want is usually not up for grabs. And in some cases, you even have to contact Customer Service to avail these points. Not a fun experience at all.


    Now that you’re better prepared to face the tricky world of discounts, why not check out Travelyaari’s Sunsational Offers? We keep things simple with flat discounts that are easy to avail, and provide long-term benefits as well!

    Our TYSUN offer codes are designed keeping the solo travelers who may or may not travel often in mind.  In addition to Flat Discounts, the TYSUN offer codes can be used up to 8 times per user, and are valid till the 1st of May  so if you’re a frequent traveler, then this is the code for you!

    The TYSHADE offer codes on the other hand are meant for large group travellers. The TYSHADE offer codes also come with Flat Discounts, but can only be used up to 2 times per user.

    Do keep in mind that these offer codes are not applicable on State RTC buses. 

    We’re also throwing in a Rs.100/- movie voucher if you pay using the Reliance JioMoney e-wallet! So there’s an added incentive for all you movie buffs out there.

    Check out our SunSational offers and more here

    Diwali Offers Blog  2017

    Get the best prices everyday with Travelyaari Diwali offers

    Diwali Offer - Travelyaari



    Deepawali, the festival of light has been instilling the importance of truth in the form of light for years for us. The spirit of doing the right thing in the most truthful way is what truly illuminates the world with happiness. While digging for the truth, one has to go through thousands of illusions blocking our sense of perception and judgment.

    Today’s world of consumerism is a perfect example of how illusions are projected as truth for business gains. One such common weapon to create an illusion by brands is the word discount.

    One of the most powerful words, Discount changes games for many brands in the current competitive market. Brands continuously lure customers with heavily adorned numbers for quick business. Since the wallets of the worlds have entered the arena, the competition to give attractive discounts has grown multifold.

    For average consumers, it's nearly impossible to see through the facade of “the best discount” most of the brands in the market create for quick bucks. The so-called “Up to 50% off” and “100% cashback” that the brands advertise may attract us to choose certain brand but are you sure that you are getting what you see?

    If you dig deeper into the discounting system by most of the popular wallets and brands (including the current bus ticket companies), you may feel terribly betrayed and this is not what Travelyaari endorses, definitely not at the time of Diwali, the festival of lights.


    Let there be light


    We at Travelyaari have always stayed away from throwing inflated and obscure discount numbers at our customers and, yes! We shall continue to do so this time as well.

    We can proudly assure that our discounts may not look “too good to be true” but they are the best you can get. We strongly believe in “what you see is what you get” narrative and our flat discounts are the brightest reflections of the same.


    Live in the now with Upfront discounts


    Unlike our competitors, our discounts are upfront and you can avail them right away. There is no “added to your wallet” game here. We value your immediate need to get the best ticket price and we make it happen right away


    Clear and honest terms and conditions


    Travelyaari completely refrains from making any misleading claims. If we offer Flat Rs. 500 discount then you will get exactly that and our terms and conditions clearly mention the same.

    We give you the best you can get


    Travelyaari discounts are always set as per the customer need with a moto to provide “best prices every day”. Hence when you take into account that our offers are pure cash offer that can be used right while you are transacting, you will often find how we are more competitive than anyone else. We constantly spice that up with exclusive offers from our bus operator thanks to our direct relationships with them (almost 2/3rd of bus operators in India) unlike some of other OTAs.


    Say a cashback of 10% is as good as 5% discount on the single transaction as to avail cashback you need to transact minimum 2 times. Add to that numerous T&Cs with some use and you understand how unlike us you are being misled into an age of promises with little substance.


    We also value loyalty and are only internet platform that offers for all registered users a unique privilege card benefits that in spite of season or festivities assure you get some form of price benefits.


    We often add with this push enabled offers for our most engaging customers and easiest way to know about them is to watch our emailers, web push notifications, app push notifications.

    Nothing hidden, nothing lost


    Travelyaari strictly believes in “no hidden cost” policy. In these times when the cashbacks are one of the most misleading discounts, giving us the perception of saving money, we are actually spending more. While you can’t use your cashback discounts immediately, you have to actually make another round of payment to avail them. Effectively your discount value doesn't turn out to be as attractive as it was portrayed. We at Travelyaari strictly believe in clear discounting and no hidden cost, giving you the best you can get without any hidden terms and conditions.


    Consumer decides


    As responsible consumers, you must always believe that you are in control. You may want to make informed choices. Even while going with us, you must not just take our words for anything we claim. You will definitely realize that you don’t need to roam around to ensure you get best deals and can trust Travelyaari for “everyday best price”.

    Unlike our competition, we are purely and truly “made in India company” and hence understand Indian realities and hence are here to provide the fairest pricing across times balancing both bus operators and consumers business interest. We truly believe for a healthy Indian bus ecosystem we need fair prices at all times than skewed pricing to destroy arm twist users.


    As our conscientious decision, our only Diwali gift for all our loyal customers is honesty and that's what you get in our new Diwali offers.


    Your Deal waali Diwali offers:

    Use DEAL500 and get FLAT Rs. 500 off on bus tickets above Rs. 6000

    Use DEAL200 and get FLAT Rs. 200 off on bus tickets above Rs. 2000

    Use DEAL150 and get FLAT 7.5% upto Rs.150 off on bus tickets above Rs. 1000

    Use DEAL100 and get FLAT 6% upto Rs.100 off on bus tickets above Rs. 500

    Use DEAL50 and get FLAT 5% upto Rs.50 off on bus tickets

    Use APPYAARI and get Flat Rs.40 off on your next 5 bookings on App

    Use WEBYAARI and get Flat 7% off on your first booking on browser

    Additional upto 10% on selected routes and operators

    BOOK NOW to uncover more discounts on app & browser notifications


    With this, we wish you truth, happiness, and festivity.

    Wish you and your loved ones a very happy Diwali.


    Travelyaari, your friend for the road.



    Travelyaari has some lucrative benefits for its customers who often travel. With every travel booking, Travelyaari greets its patrons with gainful privileges who under this benefit is entitled to a privilege card scheme that helps earn valuable discounts.


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    Affiliate with Travelyaari and earn guaranteed rewards through the course of a lucrative commission structure. Earn up to 3% every time a user look for buses and make purchases on our website. Register for free with Travelyaari and add our widget on your website or blog.


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    A promise of reliability, TYSURE is an instinctive assurance service by Travelyaari that provides an array of privileges, making bus booking and bus travel experience guaranteed with 100% satisfaction at every level of the bus booking process including refund and cancellation. 


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